LALÁ Vocalensemble, Austria


LALÁ人聲樂團多次在國際競賽中贏得佳績,包括:奧地利林茲的「布魯克納國際合唱比賽」、德國萊比錫阿卡貝拉比賽第一名(與AudioFeels並列)、奧地利Marianne Mendt青年爵士歌唱大賽。除此之外,團中四位歌手也在中國廣州舉辦的第一屆星海國際合唱錦標賽中,贏得星海獎,並以優異詮釋在「流行/爵士/福音」組以及「混聲合唱」組贏得白金獎。

 With apparent ease the four singers of the vocalensemble LALÁ carry their audience from the very moment they appear on stage. People around the globe have been fascinated by their sheer limitless elan, unique sound, and breathtaking stylistic diversity. From Algeria to China they have sparked magic in the hearts of all who have heard them with their humour, flawless ensemble and depth of emotion. Whether it's jazz, pop, classical or folk music– distinguished competition juries throughout the world have awarded them the highest accolade. The unanimous verdict: a treat for the ears!

 The Vocalensemble LALÁ has won numerous international competitiones such as the International Anton Bruckner Choir competition in Linz , Austria, the fifth a capella contest in Leipzig, Germany (in a tie with „audiofeels“) or the the Marianne Mendt young talent jazz grant. Furthermore the four singers won the Xing-Hai prize of music at the first Xing-Hai choir championships in Guangzhou, China. They obtained the platinum medal for excellent interpretation in the catagories of „pop/jazz/gospel“, „folk“ and „mixed choires“.



Lisa Maria Stadler(女高音)
Julia Kaineder(女低音)
Peter Chalupar(男高音)
Mathias Kaineder(男低音)